Vanavasika tourist home, BanavasiAt Banavasi, tourists can stay at the newly built Village Tourism Complex. There are eleven double rooms available with attached bathrooms set around a square courtyard at the edge of Banavasi with the River Varada on one side and the Pampa Vana on the other.All the rooms have twin beds and can easily accommodate a small group.

Tariff: Rs 1299 /- per person

The package includes,

  • Visit to Madhukeshwara temple
  • In and around Banavasi by walk
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

It’s an eco-tourism destination which is rustic and rural. While tourism has run rampant and largely uncontrolled in the Western Ghats in recent years, here we are trying to create a simple sustainable model that benefits the community while leaving minimal impact on environment. We try to provide tourists with a real cultural experience while enjoying nature. There is no TV in rooms as we encourage you to be in outdoors enjoying various activities like bird watching, Nature walk, Heritage walk etc. We depend on the Grid for Electricity and don’t have generators.


Come to Banavasi for its varied cuisine. “Khanavalis” or small eateries in Banavasi serve up hot, delicious food with a warm smile. There are several breads made of rice, jowar and corn as well as rice served with a variety of sweet, sour, pungent and spicy curries and sauces. Accompanying the meal is a wide range of fresh powders and chutneys made of lentils, chillies, tamarind, oil cake…

A book of recipes using pineapple is available and you could even be there for the monthly pineapple mela which is held on the first weekend of every month. This is when a women’s group in Banavasi come together to cook up a feast using pineapple as the main ingredient.